Deception Force

Role: Programmer
Client: Juniper Networks
Status: Released iTunes and Google Play Stores

A cross-platform first person shooter for iOS and Android, Deception Force sends the player into a virtual data center to battle SQL Injections, DDoS attacks, and Trojans, represented as virtual enemies. My role in the development involved developing AI behaviors, runtime and package optimization, UI implementation, cloud storage and analytics APIs, and overall gameplay architecture.


Farrah Rogue

Role: Programmer
Client: Epsilon Studios
Status: In Development

Farrah Rogue is an experimental FPS that focuses on multiplayer gameplay and intense, chaotic, and just purely fun mechanics. The goal is to bring back couch-based multiplayer to the Android/OUYA platform, and eventually online to PC. My role includes overall gameplay and system architecture.


Data Dungeon

Winter 2014
Status: Prototype

Data Dungeon features retro-style dungeon crawling with elements inspired by Tron. Using a minimalist control scheme (arrow keys only), the game is a focused, hardcore rpg. Players must strategically target enemies and predict outcomes without overcompensating, lest they waste moves on defeated enemies.

With a small team of programmers and artists, I focused on UI programming, game architecture, and art asset integration.


Cosmic Warp

Summer 2013
Status: Game Jam Submission

The product of a ~24 hr game jam, Cosmic Warp focuses on the theme of "Speed", while retaining the classic elements of a side-scrolling arcade shooter. The countdown timer drives the gameplay, as the player must use the Warp ability in order to race past enemies. Choose to race past the enemies, and you'll complete the level just in the nick of time. Choose to have a leisurely stroll through space? Meet your imminent doom...


Rural Dreams

Fall 2013
Status: Prototype

Ever wanted to see what it's like to toss sheep? Well, you can if you have Rural Dreams! Play this prototype puzzle game where sheep are important puzzle elements, and watch out as they are prone to death by wolves or other forces of nature.


Toy Hell

Spring 2013
Status: Prototype

Based on Dante's Divine Comedy, Toy Hell features beat-em-up gameplay with a twist. With single-player and multiplayer capabilities, choose your character and dive into the many levels of "Toy Hell", where cute and/or terrifying toys await. Equip a variety of weapons made from broken toys and escape to the surface in this action-packed platforming adventure!




AngelList Score Cards

Role: Web Design/Developer
Client: BitPollen

Startups today utilize their interpersonal connections to begin and pursue relationships with interested investors. While this is a common method of eventually establishing critical funding sources, a lot of time is wasted on searching for investors that may not even be interested. I created a site that features BitPollen's targeting algorithm and AngelList's API, processing user-defined metrics to provide the highest scoring angel investors for startups to target. Plus, they're designed to look like playing cards!